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J. L. Fraser

Author of Eximius

Welcome to the world of


Welcome to the world of Eximius, where being trapped is either your worst nightmare or a fantasy come true. Would you stay or go?

Where is the genre of spicy books that is between sappy romance and hard core erotica? That is what Jennifer asked herself when not being able to find what she was looking for on book shelves everywhere. With writing Eximius Jennifer has captured that in-between of what can sometimes be a corny romance novel and scary over the top erotica. A genre that captures both worlds in a sexy book that will enthrall you, keep you wanting more and a thirst for the next book to keep you warm at night.

About the Author

J. L. Fraser - Author

J. L. Fraser grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. Reading almost to a fault, her books portray adventure and are full of love, lust and wild imagination. Through her own writing, she has been able to bring those wild adventures to life.

Living in rural Alberta with her husband and four book-obsessed children, she spends her days training and playing with her dogs and running a dog hotel, called Paradise Kennels. To relax at the end of the day, Jennifer dives into writing, reading and seeking the next great challenge that life may present to her.

Published Work

Release Date: February 4, 2023

Kidnapped OR Rescued
Opportunity OR Trap
Lies OR Truth
Love OR Lust
Stay OR Go

Victoria’s captors refused to talk face to face and only communicated with a grey notebook passed through the wall. She was treated better than she had been her entire life, and Victoria needed that more than anyone could know. Would she be able to trust enough to take this opportunity and continue this lavish life or chose to leave it all behind, keeping her sanity and self-worth intact?

Fighting melancholy, Sabastian needed something new and becoming a part-owner of the lucrative company that is Eximius, was his way out of his stupor.

However, the ethereal creature that was Victoria, completely stumped him as she continues to break his unwavering self-control. If he cannot get through this simple task, he would lose everything, but that may be a sacrifice he is willing to make, to be able to keep Victoria for himself. Sabastian finds himself falling in love, in a place where love is forbidden. 

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